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Hello team,

thank you again.

this a good idea to upgrade my flex system ;D but is there any impact on my production chassis (when I make the chassis in unmanage state). sometimes I perform Service-level reset of CMM, my database stops working.

Best Regard,

Hello team,
thank you for your answeer
Actually i can see the compute node from CMM.
Since I upgrade the CMM to version and the compute node (Node 10 )to version, i can't log into the IMM of the other compute node (may be a problem  of compatibility of firmware between CMM and IMM)

Now my chassis is managed but no access and my object is to upgrade my platform

Best Regards

hello ,

thank you for your answeer
Actually, I have a flex system with 1 Fsm and 2 CMM, 8 compute node and two switch
Version FSM: 1.3.1
Version FSM: 2.5.1 (2PET12D)
Version Compute node: 1.2.1
My Fm is connected to the internet.
I tried to upgrade the fsm, but without success.
So I upgrade the CMM from 2.5.1 to 2.5.3u

Situation now:
All my compute nodes are running correctly, but in FSM GUI, the Communication between fsm and chassis is offline so I can?t do anything (discovery, upgrade,?)
Even more my tsm server is running correctly, but in the fsm shows bay empty
After I upgrade CMM, I lose access to IMM compute node
Hits may be I misunderstand this prerequisite
Level of Recommendations and Prerequisites for the update: (https://delivery04.dhe.ibm.com/sar/CMA/XSA/05ex8/0/ibm_fw_cmm_2pet12u2.5.3u_anyos_noarch.txt)
? If the CMM is being managed by an IBM Flex System Manager (FSM), If the CMM is being managed by an IBM Flex System Manager (FSM), you must ensure the FSM is at the 1.2.1 level.  If not, then you must update the FSM first before updating the CMM and other chassis components.  See Flex Update Best Practices for details on how to update the FSM and all chassis components

Best Regards

Hello team
Recently i tried to upgrade my flex System(FSM, 2 CMM,  8 compute node , 2 switchs).  I followed the IBM Flex System and IBM PureFlex Firmware Updates Best Practices doc. But every time I tried to install update of FSM (cli or Gui) a problem appears ?OS not discovered or user is locked?. 
I checked the USER, it is unlocked and I discovered all the system again .the problem persists
So I forget the fsm upgrade and I tried to upgrade the CMM   from 2.5.1 to 2.5.3u it is done with success
I upgrade one compute node (one from 8 node) it done with success
Last day, i checked the  fsm GUI, I see   that the chassis is online but the communication is offline , I can?t  upgrade the other compute node   also I see that one slot is emty but there is system running in that slot

Summary: all the system is running, but in the FSM, everything is down or communication is offline

Can anyone help me?


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