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1) Chassis Networking / New Network Switch installation
« on: September 21, 2015, 07:00:53 AM »

i have 2 EN2092 in ibm flex chassis 7893 one is old one that is operational, second one(basic with 14 int and 10 EXT ports) is newly installed after some problem in 2nd oldt switch.(that was with upgrade 1)

Now i put the configuration of running switch to new switch. but the network is not activated on new switch.. and when i pluged the cable in first switch the network works..fine.

i check the interface status of new switch sw2. its internal ports shows the link status Disabbled. i try to enable ports from IBMNOS-CLI cfg/port/INTA1/ena , for internal INTA1 but thE status still same,, on GUI ports status show OFFLINE.. (on operational switch it is UP )

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