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Hello there
I am trying to install linux on a LPAR on a p460 node, this on PureFelx with 2 Virtual I/O servers
I have followed the instructions on installing via http://aix4admins.blogspot.hu/2015/02/redhat-6-install-on-ibm-power-system.html
The problem is I can't even get a console window, when I boot the LPAR to SMS bascailly it sits at "AA00E158"  Waiting For Input
Any help will much appreciated
LPARS are managed via Flex System Manager (FSM)
Kind regards


Hello there.

Thanks for the information.

Findings were, as you mentioned after checking the CMM ip configuration I found that there was no ipv4 and ipv6 addresses defined for this node.
I redefined the ipv6/4 as per your instructions and then rediscovered the node, things are looking good


IP Addresses:, xxxx:0:0:0:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:5445, xxxx:0:0:0:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:5445

Both ipv6 addresses are the same.

Unable to ping from the FSM too. I was able to ping the cmm ipv6 address but.


Sure we can

5) Flex System Manager (FSM) / Re: FC3171 with Partial access from the FSM
« on: September 03, 2014, 07:28:35 PM »
HTTPS = No Access
SMIS = No Access
SSH = No Access

An event was generated by connectivity unit 3941.. every minute. This keeps filling up the log. Any help would be much appreciate

"The alternate IP is not available, so not able to perform IP fail over. The unavailability of the alternate IP may be due to the IPv6: address is not a service processor.

Any help would be appreciated


8) Flex System Manager (FSM) / FC3171 with Partial access from the FSM
« on: September 01, 2014, 01:33:25 AM »

My FC3171 is showing partial access in the FSM, I have tried the options of configuring the credentials etc. but have had no luck. Any pointers on where I can find this information on reconfiguring the access please.


Hello there.

The incomplete state of the p460 node was fixed by restarting the node :-), I am not fan of rebooting things to fix a problem.
Issue with FSM upgrade is a known one, there is a manual fix for it. But I have been told by IBM that they will put out a fix very soon to resolve this.


I have received feedback from the level 2 team regarding your case.
It would appear that they believe there is a problem with the update package and are looking to have you remove the files and then retry the update.

Suggested re-mediation is as follows:
The following two commands should be issued to remove the RPMs:       
  rpm -e fsm_appliance_update_preparation-1.3.1-0                       
  rpm -e fsm_appliance_update_preparation-1.3.2-0                       

Note that you will need root access to run these commands. "pesh" which given to you by IBM             
You can also issue  'rpm -qa | grep fsm_appliance_preparation'  to get the list of the RPMs installed.                                                   

Once you have removed the packages via command line, you should try to install the FSM Update Package again.

Outcome: This did not fix the problem for me:
I still have FSM showing updates completed with errors:
ATKUPD767E The installation of update "NA_CSDA_Native_Update_Exploiter_2_6.3.5" was not successful for system
DNZDVM121E An error occurred while installing "NA_CSDA_Native_Update_Exploiter_2_6.3.5" on system


11) Power Infrastructure (VIOS/AIX/PowerVM ETC..) / Re: Power 8 Daul VIOS setup
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:54:45 PM »
Just in General and best practice guide "Generic Guidelines". I know there is lot of stuff available on power 7's but couldn't find any references on power 8's. I am setting on up on S824 (8286-42A)
So any reference would be good.

12) Power Infrastructure (VIOS/AIX/PowerVM ETC..) / Power 8 Daul VIOS setup
« on: July 27, 2014, 07:16:49 PM »
Hello there.
Has anyone done Power 8 VIOS setup yet? I am looking for specific information regarding the VIOS servers on Power 8


Hey thanks, so I am not alone.
I have done the same and cos I have updated the FSM to 1.3.2.

I have placed a call with IBM will keep you posted of the out come.


Hello there fellow PureFlex users: I have a strange situation on the FSM when I go to "Manage Power Systems Resources"
Click on "Hosts" the state and Detailed state of this node is showing "In Error and Incomplete"
Also when I log into the FSM vis SSH and vtmenu, the system is not visible:
USERID@FSM-DD:~> vtmenu
Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . .
  Managed Systems:
 Enter Number of Managed System.   (q to quit):
NOTE (ISSUE): I am not seeing any systems and LPARS

FSM Power Systems Resources is showing: See the image attached.
Name                                       Access       State          Detailed State
Server-7895-42X-SNxxxxxxx      OK         In Error        Incomplete

Things I have tried so far:
- Discover
- Inventory

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Is there a way to unmanage and re manage the p460 node.


15) Flex System Manager (FSM) / Re: FSM Backup to a remote filesystem:/mount
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:40:36 AM »

Yes tried it and it works a treat

Thanks again

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