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VMcontrol Deployment: NO NPIV! 2356

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VMcontrol Deployment: NO NPIV!
« on: December 03, 2013, 04:20:24 PM »

I am starting this topic in the hopes that someone has experienced this issue.

We are attempting to deploy an AIX 7.1 image that we captured with the FSMs VMcontrol and we should have the proper setup to utilize NPIVs during deployments  but cannot get it to work.

Our Setup
1)Fiber channel switch - 16 GB Brocade (FC5022)
2)Compute node - p460
3)Repository - VIOS with common agent and VMcontrol subagent
4)Farm - FSM farm object which is managing the switches and storage arrays with the SMIA tool (Switch fabrics) and IBMs Storage Control 4.2.4.
5) Storage Array - Flex v7000 (code

Everywhere I look it seems like this is possible. We have tried all combinations of inventory and it still only shows vSCSI as an option. (See picture).

We have a ticket opened with IBM so if there are no responses by the time we have this resolved I will update with a resolution.

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Re: VMcontrol Deployment: NO NPIV!
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 03:19:57 PM »
After we upgraded everything in the environment from FSM to Network/SAN switches to work with FSM 1.3.1 we now have NPIV.

However, we have discovered a GUI bug and now we ONLY have NPIV as an option but when run from the command line we can deploy using vSCSI or NPIV. Below is the FSM command 'lscustomization' that will list the attributes of the virtual appliance you plan to deploy. At the bottom you can see my deploy command. I verified in the FSM that this new LPAR is in fact vSCSI but if I deploy the same virtual appliance from the GUI I will get an NPIV lpar.

NOTE: the below command IS NOT the full command, please run on your system to get full output.  -V represents the OID of the image (smcli lsva) and ?s represents the hexadecimal value for the power node we want to deploy to (smcli lssys).

USERID@gvicfsm:~> smcli lscustomization -a deploy_new -V 1981164 -s 0x35c3 -v
Tue Dec 31 15:01:45 EST 2013  lscustomization Operation started.
Attempt to get the default customization data for deploy_new.
Attempt to get the deploy_new customization data.

        Changeable Columns:
                Column Name*    CLI Attribute
                Size (MB)       disksize
                Assigned Storage        assignedStorage
                Storage Connection      storageconnection

        Key,    Disk Name,      Size (MB)*,     Image,  Assigned Storage*,      Description,    Storage Connection*
        [1]     disk1   17408   True    Not assigned    vscsi   Not assigned

        Value:  VSCSI
        Options:        NPIV,

        Description:    null

USERID@gvicfsm:~> smcli deployva -v -s 0x35c3 -V 1981164 -a deploy_new -A "poolstorages=1146994"
Tue Dec 31 15:06:54 EST 2013  deployva Operation started.
Attempt to get the default customization data for deploy_new.
Attempt to get the deploy_new customization data.
Update collection with user entered attributes.
Attempt to validate the deploy request for 1,981,164.
Attempt to deploy new.
Workload AIX71_VSCSI_51471 was created.
DNZLOP911I Deploying to 1 hosts.
DNZLOP412I Deploying virtual appliance AIX71_VSCSI to server p260_1.
DNZLOP881I Creating a new virtual server.
DNZLOP882I Virtual server 1981430 created.
DNZLOP412I Deploying virtual appliance AIX71_VSCSI to server vmcontroldeploy.
DNZLOP413I The virtual appliance is using disk group DG_12.31.2013-14:11:51:327 with the following SAN volumes: [AIX71_VSCSI1].
DNZLOP414I The virtual server is using disk group DG_12.31.2013-15:07:08:798 with the following SAN volumes: [vdisk3].
DNZLOP909I Copying disk images
DNZLOP406I Configuring a virtual optical device on virtual server vmcontroldeploy for the customized deploy options.
DNZLOP404I Starting virtual server vmcontroldeploy.
Virtual server vmcontroldeploy added to workload AIX71_VSCSI_51471.
Workload AIX71_VSCSI_51471 is stopped.
DNZIMC094I Deployed Virtual Appliance AIX71_VSCSI to new Server vmcontroldeploy hosted by system p260_1.
Tue Dec 31 15:07:46 EST 2013  deployva Operation took 51 seconds.