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Error Node P260 ! 1927

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Error Node P260 !
« on: December 23, 2015, 09:05:58 PM »
Hello there
I have error of Node P260 as follow:
On Node P260, I install VIO Server. Then, After, I perform console VIOS and INITIALIZING VIOS:

1. Login VIO Server by user: padmin. Change password for user padmin.

2. Accecpt License for VIO Server: $ license ?accept.

3. Create virtual Ethernet on VIO Server (I attach file ?Create virtual Ethernet?)

4. Configure Network on VIO Server.

4.1. Enter commands:

lsdev -type adapter | grep ent
$ mkvdev -lnagg ent0,ent1 -attr mode=8023ad
$ mkvdev -sea ent6 -vadapter ent4 -default ent4 -defaultid 4091
$ mkvdev -vlan ent7 -tagid 127
$ mkvdev -vlan ent7 -tagid 657
$ mkvdev -vlan ent7 -tagid 666

4.2.Set IP for ent5, perform ping test from ent5 outside and backwards notification Fail
On interface console, I enter command smcli lsresources Server, I see Value: PhysicalServer. The other P node I hard perform Value: BladeServer.
Does anyone have idea?
Thank's a lot!
LongHV !