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SI4093 - INT ports DISABLED 6460

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SI4093 - INT ports DISABLED
« on: November 24, 2014, 01:21:08 PM »

I am writing this topic after an experience I had onsite with a customer recently.

The Setup
> Pure Chassis 1 x240
> 2 - SI4093 Switches - no upgrade
> 1 - FC5022 SAN switch

The Issue
Upon installation of the OS on the x240 we noticed the NIC was "disconnected". When we checked the interfaces we saw the below.

IBMBC2-E1#sh interface status
Alias   Port   Speed    Duplex     Flow Ctrl      Link     Description
------- ----   -----   --------  --TX-----RX--   ------   -------------
INTA1    1     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA1
INTA2    2     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA2
INTA3    3     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA3
INTA4    4     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA4
INTA5    5     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA5
INTA6    6     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA6
INTA7    7     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA7
INTA8    8     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA8
INTA9    9     1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA9
INTA10   10    1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA10
INTA11   11    1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA11
INTA12   12    1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA12
INTA13   13    1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA13
INTA14   14    1G/10G    full      no     no    disabled     INTA14
EXT1     43    10000     full      no     no       up        2-CISCO-Te9-7
EXT2     44    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT2
EXT3     45    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT3
EXT4     46    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT4
EXT5     47    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT5
EXT6     48    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT6
EXT7     49    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT7
EXT8     50    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT8
EXT9     51    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT9
EXT10    52    1G/10G    full      no     no      down       EXT10
EXTM     65      any     auto     yes    yes      down       EXTM
MGT1     66     1000     full      no     no       up        MGT1

The Solution:

We determined the issue was with the SI4093s feature called Failover Monitoring (there is a link to the SI4093 7.8 admin guide below). This is the recommendation from IBM development team to alleviate this problem.

The SPAR definition for SPAR 1 (default) is configured to monitor an LACP aggregation group and from the switch log,

The upstream  switch for EXT1 is not configured for LACP:
SPAR 1 definition
spar 1
 uplink adminkey 1000
domain default member INTA1-INTA14

Switch log indicating LACP status:
Nov 12 12:19:52 IBMBC2-E1 NOTICE  link: link up on port EXT1
Nov 12 12:19:52 IBMBC2-E1 WARNING failover: Trigger 1 is down, control ports are auto disabled.                                                         
Nov 12 12:19:52 IBMBC2-E1 NOTICE  lacp: LACP is down on port EXT1                         
Nov 12 12:19:54 IBMBC2-E1 NOTICE  lacp: LACP is suspended on port for not receiving any LACPDUs

In the trigger, the configuration is as follows:                                         
Failover Info: Trigger                                                                   
Current global Failover setting: OFF                                                     
Current global VLAN Monitor settings: OFF                                                 
Current Trigger 1 setting: enabled                                                       
limit 5                                                                                   
Auto Monitor settings:                                                                   
Manual Monitor settings:                                                                 
Manual Monitor settings:                                                                 
 LACP port adminkey 1000                                                                 
Manual Control settings:                                                                 
  ports INTA1-INTA14                                                                     

The Monitor is then triggered by the state of LACP group adminkey 1000, and as LACP is in down/suspended state,                             
The Control ports are disabled.                                                           
(Note:  if LACP were active, the Limit of 5 would also cause the trigger.                                                                             
From the SI4093 Applications Guide:                                                       
The failover limit lets you specify the minimum number of operational links required within each trigger before the trigger initiates a failover event.

For example, if the limit is two, a failover event occurs when the number of operational links in the trigger is two or fewer.

When you set the limit to zero (the default for each trigger),                                                           
the SI4093 initiates a failover event only when no links in the trigger are operational.                                                                 
** The above would apply if LACP was active on the customer uplinks **
Please verify whether the switch on the uplink is LACP capable and whether configuring the uplink switch is an option.                                       
It is also possible to reconfigure the SI4093 without LACP as the aggregation.
** Very important note from the Applications Guide **                                     
** to prevent network loop **                                                             

Each SPAR must include one or more internal server ports and one or more external uplink ports.
However, if multiple external ports are to be included in a particular SPAR, they must first be configured as a Link Aggregation Group (LAG), thus operating together as a single logical port connected to the same upstream network entity. Any given SPAR cannot include multiple,  independent (non-LAG) uplinkports.                                                       
Each internal or external port can be member of only one SPAR at any given time.                                               

Because the SI4093 does not permit any SPAR to include multiple non-LAG uplink ports, the possibility of creating a broadcast loop is eliminated.                                                             

Please see document at url following (SPAR overview, pg 85):                             
IBM Flex System Fabric SI4093 System Interconnect Module                                 
Application Guide for Networking OS 7.8   

The default failover trigger is invoked because the SPAR is defined for an LACP aggregation, and the EXT 1 uplink is not active to the uplink switch on LACP protocol.                                                           
Please verify if you have LACP defined on the uplink switch port for the switch EXT 1 is connected to.                                         
It is possible to modify the SI4093 for different uplink configurations and to reflect this change in failover to disable internal links for teaming

Please review the SI4093 documentation prior to changing, as the configuration of uplinks from a SPAR must follow recommendations to prevent network loop