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Ethernet EN4093 Updates APPEAR to fail 4437

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Ethernet EN4093 Updates APPEAR to fail
« on: October 29, 2013, 10:39:03 AM »

I just went to update my EN4093 ethernet switch and got the following message in the log during the update via the FSM.

October 29, 2013 10:12:35 AM EDT-Level:75-MEID:13849--MSG: DNZUPX260E A problem was encountered while updating target system "ETH01". It could be the connection to the file server timed out, because a firewall is preventing the connection that allows the firmware to download from the file server. Ensure that there are no firewalls blocking the connection by either turning off the firewall or opening the ports for TFTP (port 69), FTP (port 21), or SFTP (port 9520). Note that the management server could be the TFTP or SFTP server. Another possible reason is that the system has a limited number of concurrent user sessions and that limit was exceeded. Some devices limit the number of concurrent user sessions. If a problem occurred during the update, another user session was probably abandoned while in progress. Wait 15 minutes to allow enough time for the device to remove the hung session, then retry the operation. If the problem persists, contact Support.
October 29, 2013 10:12:35 AM EDT-Level:50-MEID:13849--MSG: DNZUPX256E There was a problem updating the target system "ETH01". Check the terminal session log at location "/opt/ibm/director/log/switchinstall/1383055511607_ibm_fw_scsw_en4093r-" for details.

HOWEVER, when I logged onto the switch I saw that image 2 in the boot options menu showed the new kernel of 7.7.6

>> BNT - Main# boot
[Boot Options Menu]
     stack     - Stacking Menu
     sched     - Scheduled Switch Reset Menu
     image     - Select software image to use on next boot
     conf      - Select config block to use on next boot
     netboot   - NetBoot and NetConfig menu
     qsfp40g   - QSFP 40G Ports Menu
     mode      - Select CLI mode to use on next boot
     prompt    - Prompt for selectable CLI mode
     gtimg     - Download new software image via SFTP/FTP/TFTP
     ptimg     - Upload selected software image via SFTP/FTP/TFTP
     reset     - Reset switch
     cur       - Display current boot options

>> BNT - Boot Options# cur
Currently set to boot software image1, active config block.
NetBoot: disabled, NetBoot tftp server:  , NetBoot cfgfile:
Current CLI mode set to IBMNOS-CLI with selectable prompt disabled.
Current FLASH software:
  image1: version 7.7.5, downloaded  8:48:16 Thu Sep 26, 2013
  image2: version 7.7.6, downloaded  9:08:12 Tue Oct 29, 2013
  boot kernel: version 7.7.5
Currently scheduled reboot time: none

As you can see above, image2 is showing the new firmware. To apply this new firmware do the following.

>> BNT - Boot Options# image
Currently set to use switch software "image1" on next boot.
Specify new image to use ["image1"/"image2"]: image2
Next boot will use switch software image2 instead of image1.

Now reboot your switch or wait for a maintenance window to do so, when the switch comes back up verify that the new kernel is the current boot image

>> BNT - Boot Options# reset and enter 'y' to restart the switch.

When the switch comes back up verify the boot image is now at 7.7.6
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Re: Ethernet EN4093 Updates APPEAR to fail
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2013, 11:14:12 AM »
Hi PureSystemstech,

I just did the same thing but I noticed my boot kernel is still reflecting the old code. I'm going to open a ticket with IBM to see if this is okay or if we're missing something.

From the CMM CLI perform the following to check your kernel.

system> env -T system:switch[1]
system:switch[1]> info
UUID: 1B33 D6D0 3A24 3941 4567 7499 7519 6600
Manufacturer: IBM (Not Available)
Manufacturer ID: 20301
Product ID: 322
Mach type/model: Not Available
Mach serial number: Not Available
Manuf date: 3212
Hardware rev: 2.0
Part no.: 49Y4272
FRU no.: 49Y4273
FRU serial no.: Y251VT284038
CLEI: Not Available
Boot ROM
        Rel date:       08/14/2013
        Status:         Active

Main application
        Rel date:       10/08/2013
        Status:         Active
Main application
        Rel date:       08/14/2013
        Status:         Inactive
MAC Address:    74:99:75:19:66:EF
Product Name: IBM Flex System Fabric EN4093 10Gb Scalable Switch
Device Description: EN4093 10Gb Ethernet Switch
Slots: 1
Asset ID: Not Available
Product version: Not Available
Type: IO Module

I will keep this thread updated.