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IBM Upward Integration Module for VMware 3060

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IBM Upward Integration Module for VMware
« on: April 28, 2014, 02:36:04 PM »
If any of you VMware admins haven't seen this check it out. As long as you have the FSM licensed than I am told you would get this integration module free of charge!


It can do the following:

  • Overview of the host or cluster status including information summary and health messages of the managed entities
  • Collects and analyzes system information to help diagnose system problems.
  • Acquires and applies the latest UpdateXpress System Packs and individual firmware updates to your ESXi system.Provides non-disruptive system updates which automates the update process of the hosts in a cluster environment without any workload interruption. NOTE: I have seen more success using this tool than the FSM for node updates  8)
  • Monitoring and providing a summary of power usage, thermal history, and fan speed and a trend chart of the managed host. Enable or disabled the Power Metric function on a host and set the power capping for a power-capping capable host to limit the server power usage. Support power throttling and provide notification if the server power usage exceeds the specific value.
  • Manage the current system settings on the host including IMM, uEFI, and boot order settings for the host.
  • Monitoring the server hardware status and automatically evacuating virtual machines in response to predictive failure alerts to protect your workloads.