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EN4093R 3845

Jr. Member Posts: 97 Karma: +0/-0 **
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:30:44 PM »
Hello all

Need advise

FlexSystem x1

Installed EN4093R in bay 1\2

Installed 4 full wide-node ( bay 1 -2, 3-4 ,5-6 ,7-8 )

Installed FSM ( bay 13 )

FSM configred for ETH0 ( when begin installed i can choice, i picked ETH 0 )

I installed, ESXI on the NODE

and see 5 eth vmnic0-5 and vusb0

can anyboy explain

How i can configure communicate ESXI host with external network? and why i see 5 vminc? ( cuz i use LOM x2 adapter with 2 port on board? )

And HOW i can determine how intercinnected node with LOM adapters and EN4093R.... INTA1? INTA2? don't know.....

1. i am configure EXT1 = enable and trunk
2. i see on cisco 3850 trunk complete
3. i  see on EN4093R this line
EXT1     43    y  External    d    e   e      d       1   EXT1           1
4. now i want create interface and ping them

go EN4093R
ip int 1
ip add x.x.x.x
vlan 49

ping from external network this ip add ( same network where need work only arp ) and can't ping them

what i can read or what i can do?  ((((

PS EN4093R have route and l3 routing this switch - MLS? and different port can operate on the different layer2\3 ?
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sorry for eng. not my native
From Russia With Love
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Re: EN4093R
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2014, 08:54:43 AM »

Thanks for the post. Lots of information so let me repeat back what I believe is going on.

So you first started with the FSM node and saw 2 Ethernet adapters during setup (This is normal and if you had SR-IOV enabled the FSM software will bond those additional ports together that may be why ESXi sees more and the FSM sees less) However, the FSM software is different in that ETH0 is technically the IMM port as it is internally routed to the CMM and NOT through the chassis switches, it then bonds ETH1 into a team which have 2 physical ports routed internally to 2 separate switches in the back of the chassis, in this case BOTH of your EN4093Rs 

Next you decided to scrub the server and install ESXi on it and now you see 4 ports plus 1 USB port (I'm not sure what the USB ports purpose is but seeing 4 ports off of the LOM is normal if you have SR-IOV enabled).

Lastly you want to know how the switch ports relate to the node LOM ports. It goes as follows.

Bay 1 Port 1 = INTA1 Switch 1
Bay 1 Port 2 = INTA1 Switch 2
Bay 2 Port 1 = INTA2 Switch 1
Bay 2 Port 2 = INTA2 Switch 2
Bay 3 Port 1 = INTA3 Switch 1
Bay 3 Port 2 = INTA3 Switch 2
Bay 4 Port 1 = INTA4 Switch 1
Bay 4 Port 2 = INTA4 Switch 2

If you have the upgraded Mezzanine card EN4054 10 GB 4-port card and also the Feature on Demand port upgrade license for the switches then Ports 3 and 4 would be the new INTB* ports on the switch.

If you want to configure ESXi to ping take note of a few things.

1) An IP address needs to be applied in the ESXi hypervisor as well as your gateway and subnet mask.
2) If you are doing VLAN tagging on the switchport than you need to also have your VLAN enabled on the ESXi hypervisor.
3) If you want all VLANs to pass through the switch port than disable VLAN tagging and give it a VLAN of 1-4094.

Make sense? Let me know if I'm narrowing down the question properly. I'm not really a network admin but have seen enough that we can hopefully talk this through.

Jr. Member Posts: 97 Karma: +0/-0 **
Re: EN4093R
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2014, 04:35:47 AM »
Thx you

i am reading Application Guide and my "noob" question disappeared by themselves

now works correctly with your help in this topic and previously topic created by me

sorry for eng. not my native
From Russia With Love
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Re: EN4093R
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2014, 08:08:39 AM »
Great!! Thanks for letting everyone here know!