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VMware Performance Monitoring in the CLOUD 1476

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VMware Performance Monitoring in the CLOUD
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:18:14 PM »
Identify issues with your VMware environments before they happen. Identify configuration issues, locate exhausted or underutilized resources, and isolate problems. Access configuration information?including operating system (OS) utilization levels, devices, processor/memory information, and virtual features. At-a-Glance Cluster level, Host level, and virtual machine (VM) level statistics allow you to customize your graphical user interface (GUI) dashboard for each level within your VMware infrastructure. Configuration and Capacity Data allow you to view configurations, objects, and capacity from your dashboard. You can drill down from the Cluster level, through the Host level, and into the VM level statistics.

Configuration and Charts
Full Usage Details for CPU, Memory, Disk and Network
Object types / Charts for:
vCenters (Data Center)
Configuration and Capacity Data for all object types
Real world problem solving assistance charts, for example:
Memory Ballooning
Memory Swap In and Out Rate
CPU Ready Time Percentage
I/O Latency
Network Packet Drops
Stacked charts showing VM metrics across the entire environment
Comparison of metrics between any two virtual machines in your environment