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SPAR Configuration 1613

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SPAR Configuration
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:26:45 PM »
hi guys

I just know the basis about nortel-IO-Lenovo..., I just learned how to configure VLANs for these IOs....

Now since we have this chassis which already has 2 servers INTA1-INTA2 using EXT1-EXT2, now we have a new customer and we want to reuse this chassis and not buying a new one.... so I've been reading about this SPAR feature but I am not sure how to configure it...

this new customer will be using servers in INTA3..INTA6 and EXT3-EXT6 for each IO....

right now there is no SPAR, someone configured this chassis as usual but now we need to separate this and SPAR looks the way to go....
but I am not sure if doing this will need a maintenance window
and second I am not sure about the configuration for this....

has someone has a basic SPAR configuration I can follow?

BTW the IO is: IBM Flex System EN2092 1Gb Ethernet Scalable Switch which supports SPAR

thanks a lot
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